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Jumper - Topshop
Dress - Topshop
Rings - Topshop
Shoes - H&M

Firstly, apologies for such a long break! I finished uni, started working and just totally forgot how to make time it seems! Secondly, apologies for the fact that my entire outfit is Topshop! I always try and avoid that but sometimes it just happens!

I got back from Zante last monday after spending a week at the Ionis Art Hotel and I can honestly say it was the best week ever! Most of the days it was 40C+, absolutely perfect! Was so depressing getting off the plane back in England and being greeted by cold and rain. 

I went to the Christian Louboutin exhibition in London on friday, which was amazing. I've always loved Louboutin shoes but they've never been something I'd particularly lusted after - until now! I'm pretty sure I'll be saving forever (I'm the worst saver ever) but once I buy some I think I'll feel a bit accomplished! 
What's everyone else been up to?


  1. how cute is that jumper?! ahhh, i love it :) the collar of the dress underneath looks super pretty too - lovely blog! :)xo

  2. Love the dress underneath the cute jumper!


  3. snap, I've got that jumper! So comfy isn't it?!
    Nat @ http://ichbinclamp.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. hi, i've checked some of your posts and i'd love to write you that i really like your style. i adore this sweater and this skirt and really you have such a talent to mix clothes :) you're very beautiful! seriously <3
    ps: im already following yOU :)

  5. I love this - such a great sweater :)) You are looking fab!

    Lots of love,

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    Enter my Fabulous Summer Giveaway!

  6. You look great and we love your legs <3

  7. Great outfit! I love anything with an animal on it! The collar peeking out is so cute too :)


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