Winter Is Coming

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Hi everyone! Sorry I've been a little distant recently - third year uni work is definitely piling up, and getting home between half past 4 and half past 7 every day means it's too dark to take photos! I also recently went to see Miranda Sings at Cambridge Corn Exchange (and met her!) and then Jamie T at Ally Pally, which were both amazing! I can talk more about those if anyone is interested. Anyway, onto today's outfit..


Sunday Catch-Up

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Good evening! I thought I'd share with you a few of the photos I took this week. I didn't really have enough of specific days to warrant individual posts, but equally I really wanted to share them with you; including a trip to London, posh celebratory brownies and making friends in the park!


The Autumn Tag!

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Thank you so much to Lauren from High Street Hopes for tagging me in the Autumn Tag! I went on a walk around the park near my house this afternoon and managed to snap some lovely autumn-y photos, so it was perfect timing!


Sheepskin Tearaway

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Good evening! I hope you're all well and enjoying the onsets of Autumn! I personally love everything about it; hot drinks, snuggly coats and blankets, crisp sunny mornings, bonfires, candles... it's so therapeutic. As Michael Scott says, it's the most 'contemplative of seasons' (US Office fans will understand). Today I'm here to show you my newest and most favourite addition to my autumn/winter wardrobe...


The Libertines & Bloggers Love Hub!

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I've had my nails done since this photo was taken, I promise ;)

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts over September; I'm definitely going to make more of an effort over October to post a lot more often! October is one of my favourite months, especially as the days get a little chillier and I can finally start layering again!

Today I wanted to share with you my experience seeing The Libertines at Alexandra Palace in London, and also see if anyone else knows much about the Bloggers Love Hub!


Crochet Poncho & Home Baking!

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I'm so sorry I've been absent over the past couple of weeks! Things have been a little hectic here but they've finally began to slow down to a normal pace again. This outfit was taken on Sunday; I went food shopping with my boyfriend and decided to pick up some baking ingredients too! If you'd like to see what I baked, scroll down to the end! *drools*


August Favourites & Product Empties!

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I loved some of these products so much in August that I've actually already had to repurchase a couple of them! So, I thought I'd combine my August faves with my product empties to show you absolutely everything I've discovered and loved!


My First Football Game: Arsenal VS Besiktas

Last week my boyfriend came home grinning from ear to ear and clutching two tickets to see Arsenal Vs Besiktas. He'd managed to buy a couple from someone at work, and I'd never been to a football game before so I was very up for it! And so last night, without knowing what to expect, we headed to the Emirates anticipating the game...
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London: Covent Garden & Kew Gardens!

Keeping to my Goals for Summer, yesterday I headed to London with my best bud Zakkia to explore a little more of the city. We began in Covent Garden (as always) and headed to Kew Gardens; somewhere I've never been before but will definitely be going to again! Some of the photos I got are gorgeous (it's the scenery doing the work, I promise!) so you're in for a treat today!
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FOTD: An Attempt At A Beauty Post...

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sorry for poor product photography!
There's a reason I'm not a beauty blogger; I just don't think I'm that good at it. I'm forever watching make-up videos on YouTube and I'm obsessed with skincare goodies, but when it comes to applying it myself, I'm just not overly convinced. However, as folks of the UK may know, we're experiencing the tail-end of Hurricane Bertha, and outfit photos were completely out of the question today. So, if you're up for taking a look into today's make-up and seeing the finished look, feel free to read on...


A Day In London - Southbank & Covent Garden!

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Yesterday I jumped on a train and took a trip to London to see my friend, Lauren, whom I met during my first year at university. If you've ever been a student at University, particular one who lives away from home, you'll probably appreciate how quickly you make new best friends; friends that you know will last forever. I've known Lauren for just over three years now but it feels like I've known her all my life! It was such a gorgeous day and I managed to get lots of lovely photos!


Lazy Wednesday & Game of Thrones!

For those of you that follow me on twitter, you may have seen my desperation to head out for breakfast this morning. I woke up super early and reaaally wanted some pancakes but it was just my luck that none of my friends were awake! Instead I had lunch with my brother, and he proceeded to introduce me to Game Of Thrones. I'm impressed but I'm not completely won over by it yet! I just think nothing will ever beat Breaking Bad! Have any of you guys seen it?
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What I Wore To Lunch & Plans For August!

This is an outfit I quickly threw together for a lunch date today. Even though it was a last minute decision, I really like the way it looks! It's taken me aaages to get used to wearing midi skirts - I thought I looked ridiculously frumpy before, but I'm kinda used to it now. I've also put together five aims and plans for the month of August towards the end of this post!
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July Favourites!

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super cute elephant bed covers - Primark

Before I tell you all about these fabulous products (and a non-beauty fave too!) I thought I'd let you know that I've set up a new twitter for my blog and would love it if you guys gave me a follow, as I'd love to follow you all too! It's a much more personal platform where we can chat about anything and everything! Click here to follow. Anyway, onto the favourites...


London Day Out & Mini Beauty Haul!

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Today my boyfriend and I headed to London to have our first ever Shake Shack experience and to visit South Kensington. It was such a gorgeous day and I managed to get some decent photos! I also made a few beauty purchases which you can find at the end of this post!


Mini Asos Haul!

Is there anything better than waking up to the parcel you ordered? Yesterday at around 1pm I placed a next day order with Asos, and at 9am this morning it arrived! I thought I'd show you all what I bought, especially as some of it is autumn/winter inspired. I hope you like it! Let me know if you'd like to see more hauls from me.
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Braids & Feeling Lost!

Now that I've finished University until September, I'm feeling really lost as to what to do with my time! Does anyone else ever get that? I just feel guilty, like I'm procrastinating or something! I'd love it if you guys could recommend anything (literally anything: books, films, blogs, places to go, things to do etc) as it appears I have a lot of unfilled time on my hands!
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Liebster Award Nomination

Hey guys! I've recently been nominated to do the Liebster Award by the lovely Ellie, Sara and Carla! I have to admit it confused me a little at first, but I've discovered some really cool blogs and feel like I know the people behind them a lot better! So, I thought I'd answer their questions (unless they're repeated), and think of a few myself. I know this post is a little different, but I hope you enjoy it all the same!


Deadline Day & Cambridge Discoveries!

Wooo! My assignments are all in and second year is officially complete! Today was deadline day, so I got up early, had my routine last-minute panics, and headed to Cambridge with my boyfriend to hand them in and enjoy a day in one of my favourite places ever. Cambridge was particularly beautiful today.

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The World's End & Lavender Fields!

Despite the 27 degree humidity today, my boyfriend and I decided to take a (rather long!) walk around Letchworth and Hitchin. I decided to wear my new co-ords from New look, which are the most gorgeous summery pink and as comfy as pyjamas!
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An Evening With Friends

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As my mountain of work piles up and the deadline edges closer (21st July!) I thought I'd show you a couple of photos taken last night at my friend Amy's World Cup Party. I'm going to see my boyfriend's little brother's end of term performance at his school tonight so I unfortunately don't have time to take proper outfit photos today! It will resume tomorrow though!

I've known these girls since Nursery and we've been friends since. We've been through so much together that I often think of them as more like family! We've been to nursery, primary school and secondary school together, and the girl on the right (her name is Tasha) even goes to the same University as me! It was a really nice evening of catching up, drinking cocktails and running in every so often when we heard all the boys making noises at the TV. I should have got more photos but I was obviously distracted!

My friend Amy (left) was wearing the most gorgeous kimono. It was a bright sea-blue colour with embroidered red roses and red detailing at the end of the sleeves. She said she got it from a place named ETTE, which I'd never heard of, but since going on their website I think it's a place I will be getting used to! They search internationally for amazing vintage and handmade pieces.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!


Scallop Edges & Topknots

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 photo DSC01523_zpsffaa4418.jpg
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 photo DSC01528_zpsdb8deb82.jpg
 photo DSC01527_zpscda810e7.jpg
Top - Asos
Skirt - Asos
Bag - Topshop
Necklace - Matalan
Shoes - Topshop
Hair Accessory - River Island 

This skirt is one of my favourite recent purchases, and one that will be sticking in my wardrobe for a long time. It's really soft, a gorgeous colour, and I adore the scallop detailing on the hem! The only issue is that it creases immediately because it's made of linen, but that doesn't bother me too much. I'm probably going to buy a few of the other colours.. I can't help it.

I'm still unsure as to whether I've  mastered the topknot but I gave it a good go today. My hair is really long and fine so I sometimes find it tricky to gather it all up and make it look messy at the same time. I bought this flower hair accessory from River Island last year but here is a beautiful similar one. It's perfect for making topknots look a little more dressed up, especially in the summer. 

I really recommend Matalan if you want nice, inexpensive jewellery. Whenever I go into the store it's the first section I head for. I often find incredibly similar necklaces, rings and ear-rings that I've bought in Topshop or Miss Selfridge but in Matalan they're at least £4 cheaper. It's definitely worth having a look round if you have a store near you. The rings are selection of random places, so if there's one you like I'll let you know where it's from!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekends! I'm off to a BBQ/party for the world cup final tomorrow which is exciting! Who do you think will win?


Library Visits & The Libertines!

 photo DSC01491_zps966f0188.jpg
 photo DSC01492_zps9cb479d9.jpg
 photo DSC01493_zpsd7375b9f.jpg
 photo DSC01494_zps116398b8.jpg
Tile Print Jeans - Topshop
Batwing Shirt - Asos (now on sale!)
Shoes - Topshop (similar)
Necklace - Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors
Bag - Zara

Do any of you ever wake up after a horrible dream and find you can't focus on anything for the entire day? That's me today. I just feel completely wiped out! I've just popped to the library to pick up some critical books for my University assignments, which I know may sound odd, but I'm on an extension because of this. Anyway, it was a little cooler today so I opted for my go-to patterned leighs and a cool batwing style shirt from Asos. They're both super comfy and perfect for those days when you're feeling lazy but want to make an effort! The shoes are about two years old but still firm favourites. I've put a link to a very similar pair which I'm actually considering investing in as mine are getting a little battered looking!

Did anyone have any luck getting Jamie T tickets this morning? I was propped up at my laptop and refreshed constantly at 10am and still didn't manage to! I'm so gutted, I remember the good old Myspace Profile Song days where I'd always be switching from Pacemaker, So Lonely Was The Ballad and Fire Fire. In other exciting news, I did manage to get a couple of tickets to see The Libertines in September and I'm SO excited! I've seen Pete live twice, once solo and once with Babyshambles, but I never thought I'd get the opportunity to see him and Carl onstage together. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it. You can see what other music I listen to by clicking here. (and please don't judge my URL, I was young and severely unfunny!)

On my final note, thank you SO much to all that have commented/followed me recently! It amazes me that people read my blog, let alone enjoy it! I'm so appreciative. I've also finally figured out how to add a BlogLovin' button, so you guys can follow me on there at long last. I've been running this little blog for such a long time and always wondered how people got the button on their pages. Such a blogger fail.


How I Style: Kimonos

Hey guys! Hope you're all well. Today I'm going to be showing you some quick ways that I would style two kimonos during the daytime and two for nights out. Kimonos are so versatile and easy to wear for all occasions, so I hope this gives you some kind of inspiration!

Day Outfit 1

 photo DSC01463_zps9d3c35c4.jpg
 photo DSC01466_zps5bc63227.jpg
Floral Kimono - H&M
Jersey Playsuit - Topshop
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Asos
Sunglasses - Topshop

Day Outfit 2

 photo DSC01443_zps2498a07a.jpg
 photo DSC01449_zpsf966a21a.jpg
 photo DSC01445_zpse177c232.jpg
Kimono - Topshop
Playsuit - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Shoes - As Before

Both of these kimonos are so light; perfect for daytime in the summer. They are ideal for adding a bit of texture and a little interest to what would be relatively plain outfits. 
I love the longline style of the first (and at only £15, you really can't go wrong!) especially paired with this jersey playsuit from Topshop. I'm definitely going to get this in more colours, it's comfortable enough to sleep in! I also think the subtle floral print and fringing of the second one would go with anything and everything. It's ideal for the beach, too!

Evening Outfit 1

 photo DSC01468_zpsf17edaef.jpg
 photo DSC01471_zps1349884f.jpg
 photo DSC01474_zpsddf118be.jpg
 photo DSC01475_zpsb4e540f0.jpg
Floral Kimono - Topshop
Bardot Crop Top - Topshop
Heels - Topshop
Clutch - Primark

Evening Outfit 2

 photo DSC01483_zps4ba378f7.jpg
 photo DSC01484_zpsf5384d0e.jpg
 photo DSC01486_zpscc9bb13c.jpg
 photo DSC01487_zps5ed4988c.jpg
Kimono - Topshop
Cami Top - Topshop
Skort - River Island
Bag & Shoes - Topshop

Kimonos are one of my favourite things to wear on a night out. I'm not often one to bare shoulders and arms, so they're a perfect lightwear throw on. The first one I've had for about three years and it had seen numerous nights out, along with many compliments. It has such an array of colours in it that it's easy to pair with almost anything.
The second is a relatively new addition. It's pretty much completely see-through, but has beautifully embroidered flowers over it. It was quite expensive, but I think it looks way more expensive than it was. The fringing also adds a little bit of fun to the outfit.
For you eagle eyed viewers, you'd be right in thinking that my heels in the last photos are the same but different colours... I just love them so so much!

I hope this post has been helpful in some way for you all. Kimonos seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment and if you're thinking of getting one I'd highly recommend giving it a try. They're much more practical than a cardigan in the summer, and if you get to hot in even these ones, you can take them off and throw them in your bag! They're crease proof!

Which look is your favourite? Comment down below if you'd like to see more of how I style different pieces!


Visiting Cambridge & What I Wore

 photo image_zps363ae8c1.jpeg
St Catharine's College

Hey guys! Hope you're all well and doing your best to enjoy the lovely weather the UK has been having recently! Today I headed over to Cambridge in the sunshine with my boyfriend just to mooch around (and of course get carried away in MAC) (and of course pay a visit to Byron) and I thought I'd share with you some of the photos I took. Apologies for the rubbish iPhone quality - typically I forgot my camera.

 photo image5_zps79e78b25.jpeg

 photo image3_zpsa96b0839.jpeg

 photo image8_zpse8cb8740.jpeg

 photo image1_zps127ab591.jpeg

 photo image9_zps8b979bf2.jpeg
The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

 photo meimage_zps43c2f9e7.jpg
Sunflower Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Topshop
Bag - Topshop
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Topshop

I've lived between Cambridge and Hertfordshire for the majority of the last three years for University. It's my absolute favourite place in the world. It's busy but not as chaotic as London, and it's aesthetically beautiful and I'm always finding new things to see and do. 

Before I address anything else I just thought I'd mention the burger my boyfriend ordered at Byron. They advertise themselves as a budget-friendly "proper hamburger" american style restaurant - and they aren't wrong. This one is the 'Ronaldo' that they've been serving over the world cup. It was absolutely huge! Two hamburgers, bacon, cheese, onions and crispy onions, as well as mustard and pickles! He said it was amazing, so if you're thinking of trying it you'd better be quick as the offer ends on 14th July! 

To try and burn some of those outrageous calories off, we ventured into the town via some of the backstreets past St Catharine's College - which I'm sure you'll agree, is absolutely amazing. Cambridge colleges are all very Hogwarts-esque. It was here that we came across the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences hiding on Downing Street - basically the road just off of John Lewis and Vodka Revolution. The grounds within are secluded behind high walls, but once you're in, it's stunning. The museum itself is free entry and definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. 

Onto my outfit. I didn't actually wear these shoes; I quickly changed into these for an evening event. I actually wore these from Asos which are probably just about the comfiest pair of shoes I own. I originally bought the sunflower tee on a bit of a whim but I'm so glad I did. It's thin enough that it keeps you cool in the hot weather, the sunflower isn't too much that it clashes with patterns, and i's the perfect length for both skirts and jeans. A definite thumbs up from me! And it's currently in the sale so grab it while you can!

I'm currently sat in my garden listening to Sonisphere Festival! I live incredibly close and I really love it when the festival comes around! It's not all really my type of music but it's lovely! 
I'm also feeling a lot more myself recently so I'm happy to say: expect regular blogging from now on!