London: Covent Garden & Kew Gardens!

Keeping to my Goals for Summer, yesterday I headed to London with my best bud Zakkia to explore a little more of the city. We began in Covent Garden (as always) and headed to Kew Gardens; somewhere I've never been before but will definitely be going to again! Some of the photos I got are gorgeous (it's the scenery doing the work, I promise!) so you're in for a treat today!
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 photo DSC02014_zps5399a9fc.jpg
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Zakkia and I are always on the hunt for good burgers, and since she'd never been to Shake Shack, it seemed an obvious place to take her! We both ordered a 'black & white' milkshake, which is vanilla with fudge brownie. It was so yummy, but definitely still not as good as the Oreo milkshake from Byron!
 photo DSC02017_zps693369f4.jpg
 photo DSC02018_zps950791cd.jpg
This guy was juggling a working chainsaw and a huge knife! I'm not sure why he was in his pants though... we didn't stay to watch long because it started to rain!
 photo DSC02024_zps0a053319.jpg
 photo DSC02025_zpse802499f.jpg
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After a little trip to Mac and Zara, we got the tube to South Kensington, and from there headed to Kew Garden. To me, it felt like we'd left London. There were little bookshops, little cafes and florists, and sparse fields that reminded me a little of Parker's Piece in Cambridge. Perhaps I'm wrong, but Kew Gardens was particularly difficult to find considering how iconic it is in this area?! We kept seeing the above signs but never felt like we were getting any closer! We had to stop someone and ask them how to get there!
 photo DSC02029_zps9bcc608e.jpg
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scroll down for more info on my outfit!
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After a little exploring outside, we headed to the first (smaller) glass-house, which was filled with interesting cacti that were a lot more impressive than my little ones!
 photo DSC02065_zpse3fb6631.jpg
 photo DSC02058_zps5fbfc9bf.jpg
 photo DSC02057_zps6c5aafef.jpg
I thought this one looked like loads of little people holding hands! 

This glass house also had a tropical area which was very humid but beautiful!
 photo DSC02068_zps4f2d4295.jpg
 photo DSC02072_zps89ee1441.jpg
 photo DSC02074_zps8e4b85e8.jpg
 photo DSC02079_zps8cc49962.jpg
We then headed to the second glass house, and as you can see from this photo from Zakkia's phone, it began to pour with rain! Lucky I'd brought an umbrella with me! Oh, England.
 photo image5_zps7a575ec1.jpeg
 photo DSC02099_zpsaf45c83e.jpg
 photo DSC02095_zps264b8ac9.jpg
 photo DSC02091_zpsf11feb7c.jpg
We climbed the swirling staircase and at the top you have a view over the entire glass house, as well as outside over some of the gardens. It was so beautiful but definitely made my legs ache a little (so unfit, sob sob). There's also a little room downstairs for marine life.
 photo DSC02087_zps6feebc2b.jpg
 photo DSC02102_zpsd0fb8aea.jpg
It was kind of a shame weather-wise towards the end of the day, but Zakkia and I have vowed to go back to Kew Gardens in autumn, as we hear they do special seasonal food such as pumpkin soup! Plus I think it will be beautiful to see all the different coloured leaves everywhere!
 photo DSC02103_zps5da61959.jpg
 photo DSC02107_zps6d5f4f4d.jpg
Co-ords - Asos
Jacket - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Asos

For those interested in my outfit, I wanted to show off this amazing jacket I bought in Primark for a tiny £15! It's a really flattering shape and goes with everything in my wardrobe! I don't normally ever go to Primark, but recently Zakkia and I went for a very early breakfast and decided to brave it as it was so quiet inside!

I hope you've enjoyed this rather photo-heavy post from me! Let me know if you'd like to see more like this!


  1. When I went a few years ago, I had exactly the same problem. I couldn't find it! Though it has a tube station, the actual gardens are ages away.


  2. love the outfit, looks like you had a great time i'm jealous! x
    Jess x

  3. that co-ord is incredible beautiful, i want it in my life and i also want to go to london so badly. it looks so good. i think i wouldn't go back home again.


  4. Lovely photos, I love your co-ord! I also love shake shack burgers and I agree with you that Oreo milkshakes are the best! x

    Gegsy Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous and sounds like a GREAT Day! I have been a proper london tourist this summer its so fun haha xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  6. Some beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a fab day out x x x


  7. What a beautiful day you had in London! I really can't wait to go back there next month actually ^^ xx

  8. I love Kew! Such a beautiful place, especcially in June when all the roses are out. Your jacket is gorgeous! There's a little gievaway on my blog if you want to check it out :) xx

    The Persephone Complex

  9. Love your outfit! Looks like you had a great day, I really want to go to kew gardens soon! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  10. What a beautiful flower :D


  11. Oh wow, the Kew Gardens are stunning! As was your outfit! And thanks for the very sweet comment you left on my blog :)


  12. Aw I haven't been to Kew in years, this has really made me want to go back! You look lovely xx


  13. Looks like you've had a good time :) love the photos! XX


  14. Absolutely beautiful photos! Your outfit is great, too! :)


  15. Kew Gardens looks soo beautiful! That food is making me hungry! I have that Jacket in Black and love it, really considering buying the white one now I've seen it on you!

  16. These pictures did turn out nice!! Seems like a lovely day, and we really like your two piece!

    M + K

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  18. I love your blog ! :)



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