Fringing & The Heaviest Bag!

 photo DSC01672_zpsedb32361.jpg
 photo DSC01678_zps0ac93afb.jpg
 photo DSC01680_zps2117f56a.jpg
 photo DSC01679_zps76dc4352.jpg
Top, Skirt & Bag - Topshop
Shoes - Asos
Watch - Michael Kors

Blah. Once again these photos haven't come out the way I'd hoped! I look so different! Also, if it looks like I'm struggling with that bag, it's because I am. I had to take eight big books back to the library this afternoon, and they were so so heavy! This top is incredibly see-through, but I'm hoping with this nude bandeau underneath it looks alright. I really liked the fringing the most though, it'd also look great with a pair of denim shorts.

Today has just involved a quick trip to the town to get my boyfriend some new work clothes. Nothing new for me sadly, but I do have an Asos package arriving tomorrow, so make sure you check back for tomorrow's haul! 


  1. can't wait for tomorrows asos haul, i just adore asos way too much, i hate those heavy books, the struggles of being a student but you look lovely anyway. i wanted to follow your twitter but blogger doesn't connect me to it and its some kind of error going on D:


    1. Me too! I'm just hoping I like everything I bought haha! It's not letting me go through to your twitter either, what is going on?! I'm @elena_vincent though, or tell me yours and I'll follow you instead :) xx

  2. adorable outfit, I'm in love with the bag, might have to invest in one myself x

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure if they have this exact bag anymore (they take them off the website way too quickly) but I think they have some similar ones! xx

  3. Great outfit! I love that top, it looks really beautiful x

    Love,Sara Wallflower


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