Modern Hearts

Night #1
Necklace - New Look
The rest - Topshop

Night #2
Top - Zara
Shorts - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop

The top image is of our first proper night out here. The strip on Albufeira has tons and tons of bars and
restaurants - my favourite bar/club being 'Patcha' - a cool genuinely Portugese club. However, if you think 'Wake Me Up' and 'Blurred Lines' are overplayed in England then you won't believe what it's like here!

The second was a more chilled night for us - we just popped into the Old Town in Albufeira and had a look round a few of the shops. One shop (pictured above) was absolutely full of really unique ornaments and decorations. Gave me so much inspiration for my own place! I especially loved the strange egg-shaped lights. We also saw the sand sculptures which are truly amazing. They require constant maintenance and you're not allowed to get too close. Lastly we went to the American Diner for puddings. It's absolutely delicious but soo filling! I had the 'Rockie Chockie Mountain Sundae'.

Today we just visited the Marina in Villa Moura and just chilling by the pool. Tomorrow I think we're heading to a shopping centre. There's a huge Zara so I'm preparing for some sort of haul!

PS - I promise I'll be taking better outfit photos soon! Still getting used to my camera!

X x


  1. wow pretty photo's! and i like the shorts in the first snap too. i'm a new follower of your blog, and you can check out and follow mine if you wish at www.rollerbladesandvintage.blogspot.com

    xoxo Leah at Amour,la fille

  2. SO cute, I love your style! You rock tailored shorts.

    Greta xoxo


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