Holiday Snaps

I recently got back from a little 5 day holiday in Alcudia (Mallorca) with my boyfriend. It was partly to celebrate finally finishing my 2nd year of Uni, but also because I really needed a break from everything that's been stressing me out!

Alcudia is an absolutely beautiful place that I highly recommend for families and young couples. We stayed in the Sol Center Apartments, which were basic but very nice. There were a few loud drunk people some nights that hung around near our apartments - as there is a nightclub about 100m away - but other than that I have no complaints.

The one thing I adore about the Med is the food. It's so fresh and so flavoursome. If you're ever in Alcudia then I highly recommend that you check out S'anfora and Syrah. They're owned by the same people and both the food and service are amazing. It's so lovely to be treated like individuals, unlike in the majority of the chain restaurants here whereby they are forced to stick to rules and routines.

I also noticed in one of the pharmacies that La Roche-Posay exists for children! I thought some of the bbloggers might enjoy this find ;) (unless you already knew...)

Lots of love

p.s: we didn't fancy the Maga bus!

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