2015; A New Year.

I know I'm five days late to the party, but post NYE celebrations time has been spent competing the three university assignments I've had! Will 2015 be the year I stop leaving everything until the last minute? I doubt it. Things get a little personal in this post, so if you'd like to read, I hope you can understand.

As much as people don't like to admit it, a new year represents a new start, a new chance to do everything that perhaps you've found yourself dwelling on in 2014. Maybe it wasn't as productive as you'd hoped; you didn't save as much money as you'd have liked, you didn't get to see all you wanted, or you didn't get into shape like you'd hoped.

All these things are fine, but even so, the promise of an entire new year ahead means you can start to put into practice all those things you shamefully neglected in 2014.

For me, 2014 represents the first year I spent without my dad. Losing him opened up new dimensions of pain, suffering and fear that I'd never have imagined I'd experience as a 20 year old. I don't know how I did it, but I was still able to pass my second year at university with a first. I also got to see Majorca and Amsterdam with my boyfriend, which were both equally as amazing.

2015 is going to be a terrifying year of more changes: I'll graduate, my brother will move to Manchester, my best friend of forever is heading to Asia and Australia for a year, and my cousin will be the first to have a baby! I don't quite know how I'll cope with all of these things at once, but we'll see!

As for resolutions, I've promised to
- Try my hardest to graduate with a first
- Secure a job
- Save money in order to visit my best friend in Australia
- Get fit
- Pass my driving test
- Blog more often
- Stop worrying
- Enjoy life as much as I can

It seems like a lot, but I'm determined to cross as many off that list as possible! It's not been the best start to the year; assignment deadlines have been driving me crazy, and I have to have surgery on Thursday. I've never had anesthetic before and I'm absolutely terrified, so if anyone can calm me down, I'd appreciate it... :|

What are your New Years Resolutions?


  1. Happy new year! Hope 2015 is a great year for you and you achieve all your new years resolutions, I have similar resolutions to you, it's my last year of A Levels and still deciding whether or not I want to go to Uni this year, all scary things but I'm sure we'll both make the right decisions.

    Hope 2015 is filled with happiness, success and health for you!


  2. You have some great resolutions - good luck with them all

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  3. Very nice, sorry to hear about your loss, remember time heals all wounds eventually, hope you're doing good :)


  4. You are so beautiful and I love your resolutions I hope they all work out. Would you mind checking my blog out? It would mean the world to me



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