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On Tuesday night (21st) my boyfriend and I headed to London to see one of our favourite bands, The Drums, at KOKO in Camden. I actually made a 10 second video of one of their songs ('money', for those interested!) and it appeared on the London snapchat story! It's been viewed by 90,000 people so far, so that's my claim to fame for the week/month/year haha! Anyway, no trip to London is complete without a burger and some touristy photos - hope you enjoy!

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Ending up in Byron is a given for us. I think it's appeared at least twice already on my blog! I hadn't tried the new Freddar Dawg or the banoffee milkshake before though, and I can highly recommend them! Sam went for the usual; a Byron burger and a Oreo Milkshake *many heart-eye emojis*

I also finally got to see the Amy Winehouse statue I'd been searching for. It's in the Stables market for those wondering. Does anyone know if it's life-size? If so, she was so tiny! I'm so glad I found it though; I was such a fan but sadly never got to see her live. Camden is such an expressive, vibrant place - I really recommend visiting it if you're in London for the weekend. Walking around Camden always makes me feel so boring; if someone wants to cut all their hair off and dye it blue and get a tattoo then they just will! I'm much more the over-thinking and worrying-what-everyone-else-will-say type!

KOKO is an amazing venue for gigs. It's got two or three floors, and you can stand wherever you prefer. We stayed near the bar (as per) which is on the bottom floor. The only problem was that it seemed like every giant was out that night; I'm only 5"3' and struggled to see for most of the evening! I did catch a few glimpses of Jonny's delightful pineapple sequin jacket though! and his signature dance moves!

Did anyone else go to this gig? Have you ever been to Camden or KOKO before?


  1. Fab photos! You look like you had a great time! Super jealous! x


  2. I love your photos! Camden is a part of London I never seem to see in photos. I'd love to see the Amy statue. Though I don't know anything at all about the statue, I don't think she was a particularly big person in any way (other than the hair) so it is likely life-sized or close to it!

    Glad to know you had a good time! :)


    1. thank you lovely :) yeah i thought so too - i don't tend to see a lot of photos of camden on blogs! ooh that's interesting; the statue is made so that she's in massive platform heels - if she wasn't wearing them she'd be shorter than me! and so petite! x

  3. Amazing photos!


  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

    All my MA freshers week nights out were in Koko and I fell in love with the place! So many good gigs too! I'll never forgive myself for missing out on Uh Huh Her when they played it a few years ago!

    - Elodie x

    1. it's a great venue! i love that it has a roof garden too, and it's not ridiculously priced for drinks like lots of other London venues!

  5. Wow this place looks insane and so creative!


  6. great post! I love your outfit in the pic of you!
    Catherine xx

  7. great post!
    GFC you want to follow and keep in touch?
    let me know and I follow back!

  8. Looks like you had an amazing time! I absolutely love Camden I try to pop down to the market whenever I can!
    Also I have nominated you for the Liebster Award :D
    Here's the link to the post
    Liebster Award Post
    Looking forward to seeing your answers!
    Abiee xx

  9. Great post. Well done. Keep going
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses

  10. Very nice! Great pics


  11. Love your blue denim top c: looks great with white frock

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